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Knitting T-shirt cloth hip in Shaoxing Textile

source: china textile 2009-07-02  

In Shaoxing County Light Textile City, the biggest fabric wholesales market in China, the knitting T-shirt printing cloth tops the sale.

All categories of T-shirt fabric, including spandex printing cloth and knitting printing swimming-wear material, are flying off the shelves like hot cake.

While, 118DDTY knitting printing elastic cloth is priced around RMB23.20 per kilogram, the designer T-shirt cloth is quoted at RMB23.80 per kilogram range. Most knitting T-shirt printing cloth sells at around RMB23.60 per kilogram.

This year, knitting printing T-shirt fabric’s total sale has been far ahead of the same period of last year, it is expected that the trends will be better than last year.

However, some T-shirt fabrics with new unique design that attract huge demand are usually in limited supply.