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Textile Pattern

source: china textile prints 2009-04-13  

Pattern implies an artistic or decorative work and it is usually a perceptual structure that includes not only the objects but the space within.

Textile pattern refers to the simple yet stylish patterns that reflect the current trend of textile apparels and accessories. Nowadays textile patterns are not only created for stylization but also for collecting and sharing information as in the case of dynamic textile patterns.

Textile Patterns are designs for the purpose of enhancing the beauty of any textile product. Textile patterns forms the living language of weaving and embroidery. It often provides a distinctive attribute to a particular textile product. Textile patterns often represent the identity of the group of craftsmen who produce it.
          Common Themes in Textile Pattern

Flowers, animals and stylized geometric designs and figures are usual recurrent themes in various textile patterns. Certain themes are selected due to their appeal to the eyes whereas others possess significance beyond their beauty and often are chosen due to their intense symbolical aspect. Textile patterns are usually created in such a way that it can easily fuse with the texture, color and fabric of the product.

Textile patterns are extensively used in textile printing or knitting. Textile printing uses various printing techniques of which screen printing is most predominant .Textile patterns adds the decorative value and symbolical meaning to any textile product. Textile patterns are used both for textile apparel and home furnishings products.

Variety of textile pattern

Textile pattern offers a rich variety in the contemporary scenario and the patterns can be bold or vibrant and colorful or muted or delicate or intricate or splashy or abstract or figurative and so on.