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Sizing the development of green textile issue

source: china textile prints 2009-04-20  

Cotton textile industry is a key link in the production of clearance, steel, pulp, but in recent years, cotton spinning equipment and technology and product quality testing techniques, particularly steel-ching Road before the technology has developed very rapidly, the relative sizing technology related to the development of slow slightly And not enough attention; in particular the on-line auto-detection technology, product quality inspection technology, textile yarn production than ready to produce more research and development soon. Now, with new fiber spinning of differentiation, and differentiation of groups of blended, high-speed shuttleless looms, weaving the fabric of ultra-high support and high degree of tight, product and the environment clean and green and so on development And demands our Sizing in textile technology-based system slightly behind, need innovative ideas, and use modern science and technology to transform traditional sizing technology and management. Their performance in the following areas:

1, pulp products, research and development ability

China's pulp production in the name of the variety of products, nor has the characteristics of industry, technology and performance quality, genuine and a small number of modified starch; high-performance products or technology abroad, foreign products. Pulp manufacturers seeking to maximize profits, not the technology to products, product performance, product quality to win the confidence and the stability of the market, but in the short term, to follow the trend of the concept of speculation, easy to produce generic products, based on the lack of Research, such as:

(1) modified starch degeneration of the performance is not high. In the pursuit of low-cost, the production of acetate, phosphate starch to replace the low, very difficult to reflect the performance; single modified starch is difficult to guarantee performance, combined with the multi-role performance of modified starch is more difficult to embody. China-made high-performance modified starch representative of the very few products, but also enterprise applications is difficult to distinguish what products degeneration.

(2) of the current high-density fabric sizing often used 1799PVA and PVA-205 or other mixed-use PVA modified to reduce the viscosity. According to expert analysis: From the viscosity value with the increase of analysis and indeed be able to reduce the viscosity of the slurry, but the purpose of sizing and performance requirements of the slurry, is not entirely reasonable, since these two very different molecular size The mixture of adhesive performance can only be to weaken rather than strengthen, like sizing performance is not ideal (1). After the physical properties of PVA and the sizing of performance testing, suitable for textile sizing PVA is used in the viscosity of medium degree of alcohol. For a long time but this phenomenon was not caused by the manufacturers Slurry importance to the development of this area. The foreign products can be stable over the past few years to expand the market.

(3) on the basis of modified starch not research attention. It is understood that acid modified starch abroad a wide range of applications, but also a high concentration of low-viscosity of the slurry, and in our country have not been widely used. Expert analysis is understanding the problem, as the acid solution of denatured starch simple principle, the viscosity stability of the poor, and is considered to be low-grade products, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Although the acid solution degeneration degeneration simple principle, but the key to the realization of the process - the suspension of the acid reaction, requires strict control technology. As the response to the automatic detection equipment and control can not do a good job and therefore can not guarantee the quality of products and restricted the application of the acid solution of starch.

2, the lack of technical textiles and sizing of basic research

The industry engineers and experts on how to assess the new pulp and textile sizing, and so the quality is still using the traditional method of restricting textile sizing technology to enhance and develop one of the factors that have a consensus, the current concern and to study the application of sizing on the basis of the subject Little innovation to update the lack of traditional thinking and practical study of detection technology. In the following areas:

(1) size of a lack of evaluation of the quality of science, the simple detection method is well known, the appropriate sizing of the yarn and the yarn size to have a very good adhesion and into a mold, from a similar mechanism of Compatibility and polymer The performance analysis of the compounds can be an ideal conclusion, but in practical applications of how to assess the effect? For a long time on the adhesion properties of the slurry evaluation is still in use traditional methods, that is, roving law. This method of detection is the value from the roving strength, fiber and slurry with the adhesion of serous comprehensive reflection of its own cohesion (3) there methods unscientific. According to data reported serous useful method of thin film adhesion, and are based on the indirect method has its limitations.

(2) the quality of sizing and weaving of a lack of evaluation of science, from simple detection method can improve the texture of view, the purpose is very clear sizing should be "wear and paste hairiness V; but small special yarn, But also to enhance ", the warp sizing in the evaluation of the effect of adopting the adhesion, the number of wear-resistant, to reduce the rate of hairiness as an important indicator of sizing. Strengthen the traditional rate, minus stretching only as a reference rate (4),. Hairiness, but wear and reduce the number of times the rate of detection is still only in the institutions, research units, the test center application, and in the application of a textile enterprise Fewer still can not direct the production of guidance in a timely manner. From the annual pulp and paper sizing technology will be able to see that the majority of use is also enhanced, by stretching rate, down-sizing, visual twist to distinguish between dry, clear and open weaving, knitting, and so on to explain to improve the efficiency of the slurry The effects of formula, the lack of scientific analysis of the figures.

Therefore, the lack of guidance and improve the sizing of the production of modern detection techniques. Determination of the sizing process parameters tend to be real-time monitoring and automatic control, as a result of the lack of quality sizing for the rapid detection instruments and means, the majority of production sizing enterprises can only be used to enhance the rate of traditional sizing, to reduce the rate of stretch targets and Cut sizing value of the experience of making simple sizing quality judgments. In the absence of sizing applied to the production of fast, accurate forecasts can be woven sizing of the testing methods, instruments, standards and evaluation system for optimum sizing and optimization of the sizing process is a lot of constraints, so that feature easy to over-size formula. Sizing machine on-line detection technology is not widespread, experimental detection of irregularities, with the result that the quality of the warp sizing evaluation did not improve for a long time, we have long realized that to meet the requirements of the weaving is less hairiness, high-wear indicators still The application of science and technology testing and evaluation. Sizing slurries and the quality of testing and evaluation of the technology behind the whole process of the development of modern production techniques have been incompatible.

3, pulp lack of guidance and supervision standards due to testing methods and techniques, make it difficult to improve the standard pulp, with the current textile sizing modified starch industry standard under development. Non-standard products on the market weeding, low-technology products, competitive market. On the grounds of trade secret, so that the products are becoming less and less transparency, product brochures very arbitrary, very few of the performance of modified starch. Application of the right to know so that the business affected. Therefore, slurry quality assurance standards must be used, and standardize and guide the market,

4, the lack of chemical pulp and textile testing complex R & D personnel to adapt to pulp and textile sizing techniques compound the lack of qualified personnel. Textile and institutions of applied research on the basis of theoretical studies do not pay enough attention, and perhaps that is not reflect the academic standards, so far there are very few institutions on the "application of chemical slurry," and "textile detection technology" or elective courses Courses, with the result that for all to see, the existing sizing unscientific testing methods have not been replaced by a lack of talent also has a research and development capabilities of large-scale pulp and small enterprises. Therefore, textile sizing technology does not speed up the pace of research, these questions are not resolved, the realization of green sizing and less, the PVA do not have to be more long distance; at the same time it will be difficult to adapt to the technology and textile weaving technology.