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China International Textile Printing Industrial Te

source: 2015-05-04  

With the coming of a brilliant and vibrant May, we will have a new and fresh start.  In this month with the charming breath of spring, Printing Industry will welcome its high-profile event, the Annual Expo.  During the period of May 27 ~ 29th, 2015, hosted by Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Ltd., organized by Textile Printing Magazine, “2015 (The 10th) China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo /China International Textile Digital Printing Technology Expo” will be held at the same timer with “2015 China International Textile Fabric and Auxiliary Expo” in Poly World Trade Center, Pazhou, Guangzhou.  Until then, exhibitors from home and abroad will be gathered, display products, and show the industry intelligence.

As the first as well as the only one influential textile printing expo in China-- China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo /International Textile Digital Printing Technology Expo (CITPE) has always been aiming on the tenet of Innovative Development and Win-Win Cooperation in the past 9 years.  It focuses on the trade fair of textile printing equipments and materials, devoting to building up the communication platform for the majority of manufacturers at home and abroad.  Since 2006, CITPE has been successfully held for 9 times in Shanghai, Suzhou, Dongguan and Guangzhou.  It has built up good reputation and brand model in the industry, and is well recognized as the authority of professional exhibition.

From the original small-scale trade show, CITPE has been developed to today\'s international professional event. Huge market provides tremendous commercial opportunities.  The Host will fully leverage its rich professional experience of international textile exhibition, and aim to provide the best platform for enterprises to display, communicate and exchange ideas, to build a more efficient business platform for seamless docking of upstream and downstream textile and garment industry.  It would help the industry counterparties to explore the market, understand the status of the industry and create opportunities.

To take up the responsibility of the industrial development, China International Textile Fabric and Auxiliary Expo, with its own growth, also has witnessed the whole process of China\'s textile printing, garment auxiliary materials industry and enterprises to grow from small to big, from weak to strong, and then connecting to the world.  During the process it plays the role of the platform, the ligament and the window.  Its function as barometer and weather vane has already become the industry consensus.

Currently Allallinfo’s staff who are working on the Pre-Expo invitation are very busy.  There are more than 200 exhibitors who have come over to discuss about attending the Expo.  Same as before, 2014 CITPE achieved tremendous success.  There were over 10,000 professional visitors from all around the world attended.  It is reported this Expo has already attracted a great number of well-known enterprises incl. Kornit Digital, HP, Mutoh, Roland, Zhuhai Tianwei, All Printing Digital, Star River Link, Caishang Digital, Aiyin Electromechanical, Shenglun Digital, Rogao Tianyuan, Dongguan Zhishang, Boyan, Guanwu, Korea INK ECO, Xiamen Bateng, Yunyuan Digital, Heli Laser, Guangyuan Laser, Jinyun Laser, Dulong Zippers, Shangming Buttons, Jiadeng Textiles, etc.  With their and industrial media’s fully support, we would witness good interaction among manufacturers and buyers, and the exhibition effect would be very satisfactory.  With the launch of 2015 textile industry New Year development, and in face of the vast market and infinite business opportunities, this Expo will become a strategic event that industrial enterprises just cannot miss.  According to the Host, this CITPE will realize the three promises of “more professional visitors, larger exhibition scale and better exhibiting effect”.  Allallinfo has always been specializing in exhibition excellence.  During 2014, the editors of Textile Printing Magazine have participated all the domestic and international textile exhibitions, with learning that in 2014 no matter in Printing industry, or Textile Fabrics, or Textile Auxiliary Materials, none of them did very well under fierce competition.  While 2015 would be a new turning point.  Trust all counterparties understand that in the New Year we all should plan to participate more exhibitions, as one’s market presence affects its market perspective.  On this Expo, upstream and downstream of supply chain will gather together, with increasing popularity, it would open up the supply chain and the value chain in  southern China as well as domestic textile industry.  The Expo is not only a trading platform, but also a platform for ideas sharing and re-recognition of the market.  The Host promised that the majority of professional customers would be garment factories.  With similar customer group it always help to find some related customers.  Trust participating the Expo will bring you unexpected gains.

In recent years, with the accelerating pace of orders transferring, competition from Vietnam has become an indisputable fact.  But when we see an advertisement saying "Vietnam Suppliers are Here" at the Expo, haven’t we got a stronger sense of urgency and a sense of crisis?

When an Expo BBS tells us that sustainable development has become the value benchmark of mainstream businessmen, should we take some actions?

The Expo Trend Release shows the latest European and China market trend, and have we been benefited from that?


According to the Host, this Expo will be located at Poly World Trade Center, Pazhou.  This Expo site will provide the most advanced exhibition facilities for exhibitors, buyers and professional audience from home and abroad.


Location and transportation: There is perfect surrounding road network near Poly World Trade Center, thus traffic is very convenient.  It’s connected to Pazhou Bridge and Keyun Road in the east and to Hua Nan Expressway in the west.  There are two main roads of north-south direction connected to the Guangzhou Circle Express.

Land Transportation:  It’s connected to the Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport by highway directly through, with only 40 minutes’ drive; to Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station or Tianhe Bus Terminal, with only 25 minutes\' drive.  With Circle Express it’s connected to the intercity high-speed road network of Pearl River Delta, in 2 to 3 hours one can reach the major cities of the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong or Macao.  Traffic for both passengers and goods are very convenient between Pazhou and Guangzhou downtown.

Guangzhou Metro:  Metro Pazhou Station is located at B1 of Poly World Trade Center.  Traffic can be directed to the registration hall on 1/F of the Center under any weather condition.  People can be evacuated through Line 2 and Line 3 transfer in only 20-30 minutes to Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station and Tianhe Bus Terminal, or by metro stops along the route at different commercial districts, CBD offices, numerous shopping malls and hotels.

The Host pointed out that compared with the same period in 2014 there would be new development, and the Host will continue to improve services for exhibitors and buyers.  "Guangzhou, as Asian fashion base, will effectively link together the upstream and the downstream industrial chain, and exhibit new products, new technology and new process of the textile industry under the new normal to the World.”