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The Final Call for

source: 2015-05-04  

In recent years, due to the factors such as environment, energy, labor, etc., Textile Printing Industry has been facing the challenge of transformation and upgrading, which has also brought unprecedented market potential for the Industry.  In the critical period of industry transformation and upgrading, The 10th China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo will be held on May 27, 2015.  The Expo will help printing equipments and materials manufacturers to expand the regional influence of products and brands by multi-channel, by multimode under the current market environment, to realize profit and value of enterprises, and build a basis for future rise.

As the earliest textile printing professional technology expo, after nine years of trial and hardship, China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo has become the most professional, authoritative and influential exhibition with top brand reputation. It has been providing the best place for the numerous influential printing enterprises to purchase products and observe technology, as well as a big stage for manufacturers and suppliers of equipments and materials to display branding and sell their products.

It is reported that the attraction of 2015 (The 10th) China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo is fervent on undertaking. A great number of well-known enterprises incl. Mutoh, All Printing Digital, Kangli, Runtianzhi, Shenglun Digital, Tianwei, Beijing Yunyuan Digital, Kemaide, Moku, Ruian Hualong, Ruian Yizhan, Wuxi Guanwu, Zhongshan Weisibo, Hangzhou Saishun, Aifa Electron, Zhongshan Taituo, Defei Technology and Xinlihua have made reservations for booths in advance, and many of them have increased the booth area comparing to the last year.

According to the Host, Hongkong Allallinfo Media Group Ltd., the 10th Expo increased the area comparing to the previous years, and they re-emphasized the three promises: More professional visitors, larger scale and better exhibiting effect.

In order to achieve the above goals, the Host spared no effort to promote the exhibition publicity, audience motivation and logistic arrangement. For example, based on status of emerging markets as Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, they participated overseas exhibitions to strengthen exhibition communication and audience invitation in these regions.

Meanwhile, to attract more non-local professional audiences to visit the Expo, the Host launched the activity of "you purchase the equipment, I pay for the toll" , and would reimburse the transportation expenses for buyers. At present, lots of non-local audience streamed in and out for the Expo registration, and some even organized groups to attend. For audience from the Pearl River Delta Region, they can transfer to Metro Line 8 directly from high-speed rail or bullet train, and arrive at the entrance of the exhibition center, without bothering of multi-times metro line transferring. All the above measures aim to provide convenience for professional audiences to attend the Expo, and would greatly guarantee the effect of the Expo.

At present, there are just a number of final booths are available. If you are interested, please make reservation immediately.