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Textile fabric testing

source: freepatentsonline 2009-05-12  

A single fabric testing apparatus is capable of measuring mechanical and thermal characteristic of a specimen previously carried out in separate testing apparatus. The single apparatus is provided with a plurality of mechanical and temperature sensors and a heatable top plate 10. In use, a ram 9 moves the top plate 10 vertical downwards to press a fabric specimen against a bottom plate 14. The plate 14 is surrounded by a fixed upstanding peripheral skirt 15 against which an outer periphery of the specimen is bent to enable shearing and bending characteristics to be measured. The bottom plate 14 is biassed upwards by a spring 16 which is compressed until the top plate is arrested by a fixed frame member 18. Further downward movement of the ram enables compressibility of the specimen to be determined. A rotatable section 11 of the top plate 10 can be turned by a stepping motor 13 to determine the surface friction characteristics of the specimen.